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#018 Rebellion Q&A: I’ll Have What She’s Having

In this audience Q&A episode of The Happier Hour, you’ll hear from all four guests on the latest topic of REBELLION as they answer questions ranging from racism to menstruation to incarceration. This wraps up two weeks of rebel-rousing conversations with the reminder that wherever there is oppression, there is an opportunity to rebel. #thehappierhour

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#015 Sinners and Saint Teresa of Ávila with Dr. Christia Mercer

What can a Catholic Saint teach us about contemplation and grace? What is the correlation between illiteracy and crime? Will women ever get the credit they deserve? All this and more in today's episode with Dr. Christia Mercer of Columbia University and the work of St Teresa of Avila. #thehappierhour

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#014 Radical Resistance With Hannah Arendt and Genesis Be

This episode kicks off two weeks on the topic of REBELLION. What does it mean to participate in civic engagement? Why are public discussions of opposing views so important? Hear what the rapper/activist Genesis Be has to say about conceptual resistance and why Hannah Arendt's political philosophy is still relevant today. #thehappierhour

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