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It’s like the self-help section... only way funnier, smarter, and with booze.

Because life can be hard.

But philosophy is awesome.



Live Events

Before there was the podcast, there was the event! Season 1 was taped in front of live audience at Caveat in NYC. Each month featured talks, haikus, and lots of laughs! Sign up to be the first to hear about future events!



The people spoke and we listened! The Happier Hour podcast launched in August 2018 to bring philosophy to the people. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday plus bonus Happier After-Episodes every Sunday. Here you'll find show notes, resources and more.


What's This All About?

Great question! The Happier Hour was created out of a need for more diverse voices in philosophy, more accessibility of philosophical ideas, and more fun in the conversations about stuff that really matters. Read more about the show and Monica below

You don't wanna miss a thing. - Aerosmith