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#052 Speaking Up With Audre Lorde and Serene J Khader

In this episode you’ll learn what the poet and feminist icon Audre Lorde can teach us about identity and the importance of speaking up for the oppressed. You’ll also hear why philosophy professor Dr. Serene J Khader believes we should rethink the way we empower women, and why humility is not one size fits all. This kicks off a three part series on HUMILITY. #thehappierhour

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#022 Act II: Existential Angst and Career Change

What happens when your dream career is no longer the dream? How much of what we do is who we are? In this bonus episode, Monica shares the secrets for successful career change that she learned from interviewing actors who left acting behind, and successfully pivoted into completely different careers. Whatever change you might be considering, this episode is for the existential crisis in all of us. #thehappierhour

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#018 Rebellion Q&A: I’ll Have What She’s Having

In this audience Q&A episode of The Happier Hour, you’ll hear from all four guests on the latest topic of REBELLION as they answer questions ranging from racism to menstruation to incarceration. This wraps up two weeks of rebel-rousing conversations with the reminder that wherever there is oppression, there is an opportunity to rebel. #thehappierhour

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