#034 Your Brain On Avicenna and Shannon Odell

In this episode with neurologist and comedian Shannon Odell, you’ll learn how your brain shapes your experiences and how your brain processes social media. You’ll also learn about the parallels between self-discovery in neuroscience and the ideas posed by the ancient Islamic scientist and philosopher Avicenna, who is often described as one of the most influential philosophers of all time. #thehappierhour

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#031 The Road Less Travelled With Santayana and David Farley

This episode kicks of The Happier Hour Season 2 as well as our conversations on DISCOVERY. You’ll learn how travel writer David Farley and the philosopher George Santayana can help us find more meaning in our lives by looking at how and why we travel. You’ll also hear unconventional advice about travel writing and the ways in which travel has the ability to transform us. #thehappierhour

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