#034 Your Brain On Avicenna and Shannon Odell

Shannon Odell and Monica McCarthy at Caveat. Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

Shannon Odell and Monica McCarthy at Caveat. Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

I [prefer] a short life with width to a narrow one with length.
— Avicenna

In this episode with neurologist and comedian Shannon Odell, you’ll learn how your brain shapes your experiences and how your brain processes social media. You’ll also learn about the parallels between self-discovery in neuroscience and the ideas posed by the ancient Islamic scientist and philosopher Avicenna, who is often described as one of the most influential philosophers of all time. #thehappierhour


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“Time is merely a feature of our memories and expectations.”

“There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge.”

What is something negative you think about yourself, perhaps because of your habitual response to experiences, that you don’t actually know be true? For example: I’m not right-brained or I’m not left-brained or I’m just bad with money or I’m not lovable. We all have these stories we tell ourselves, but most of us have never fact checked ourselves to see if these stories are true. My guess, is we get to rewrite our endings if we rewrite our neural pathways.

About Shannon Odell

Shannon Odell is a Brooklyn based writer, comedian, and scientist. She co-hosts and produces Drunk Science, an experimental comedy show deemed “a stroke of genius” by Gothamist and a finalist in TruTV’s comedy break out initiative. She co-created, writes, and stars in the Inverse original series “Your Brain on Blank”, where she explains the science behind how everything-from alcohol to caffeine to puppies- affects the brain.  She can also be seen at Weill Cornell Medicine, where she is a Neuroscience PhD candidate studying the epigenetic underpinnings of brain-behavior adaptation

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