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#050 Moral By Design With Immanuel Kant and Kathleen Wallace

Is it possible to design a universal moral code? Is it ever acceptable to lie? Hear what the philosopher Immanuel Kant had to say about ethics and his influence in philosophy today. You’ll hear from Hofstra philosophy professor Kathleen A Wallace about Kant’s Categorical Imperative, and whether or not it can help life suck less. #thehappierhour

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#010 Getting To The Good Place: How Rules Can Make Us Happier

In this Happier Ever After Hours Bonus Episode, you'll hear why the creator of the popular television show The Good Place developed specific rules for the writers for each episode, and how defining our own rules can help us clarify our personal values. You'll also hear the rules Monica created for The Happier Hour and why she believes we must "curate to make space to create." #TheHappierHour

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