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#013 Embracing The Amateur

In this bonus episode you'll hear why Monica believes we should embrace our inner amateur. You'll also hear about examples of amateurs throughout history; from the fields of sports to science to art, who greatly changed their field of study or work. Speaking of work, by the end of this episode you'll understand why Monica hates the popular notion that doing things we love isn't hard work. #TheHappierHour

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#011 Commit To A Character with Aristotle and William Beteet

In this episode we’ll explore how Aristotle and improvisation can help us navigate dating in the Age of the App; or at least how to stay sane in the process. Stand-up comic and men's dating coach William Beetet shares what he's learned about committing to a character and acting "as if" in order to improve his love life, and life in general. #TheHappierHour

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