#045 Failure With Jean-Paul Sartre and Olivia Goldhill

Olivia Goldhill and Monica McCarthy / Photo by Rodrigo Lizarraga

Olivia Goldhill and Monica McCarthy / Photo by Rodrigo Lizarraga

I can always choose, but I ought to know that if I do not choose, I am still choosing.
— Jean-Paul Sartre

Kicking off Season 3 of The Happier Hour, is guest Olivia Goldhill, a journalist who specializes in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience as we explore the topic of FAILURE. You’ll learn what Jean-Paul Sartre and the Existentialists can teach us about failure, and why so much of the current self-help advice gets failure wrong. #TheHappierHour

One year from now, what will you wish you had done, even you fail?
— Question Of The Episode


Olivia Goldhill reports on philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience for Quartz's science desk. She's especially interested in the hard problem of consciousness, challenging accepted truths, and how philosophy shapes contemporary society. She's from London and was a features writer at The Daily Telegraph in the UK before joining Quartz in New York. She has a BA in philosophy from Harvard University and an MA in journalism from City University, London.