#048 Doubt Q&A: On Skepticism, Cynicism, and Optimism

The Happier Hour Q&A at Caveat/Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

The Happier Hour Q&A at Caveat/Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

What a monument of human smallness is this idea of the philosopher king. What a contrast between it and the simplicity and humaneness of Socrates, who warned the statesmen against the danger of being dazzled by his own power, excellence, and wisdom, and who tried to teach him what matters most — that we are all frail human beings.
— Karl Popper

In this episode you’ll hear how a 14th century Franciscan friar can teach us to make better choices, and what cynicism, skepticism, and optimism have in common with science, Socrates, and musical theater. This is the audience Q&A portion of the event on DOUBT featuring philosophy professor Nick Pappas and molecular biologist turned science advocate, Maryam Zaringhalam. #TheHappierHour

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Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Occam’s Razer: More things should not be used than are necessary.

  • Socrates

  • Diogenes The Cynic

  • Immanuel Kant’s Theory of Knowledge

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

  • Goop’s Jade Egg (not an endorsement!)

What is a problem in your life that you are trying to solve, but currently overburdening with assumptions?