#032 Bonus Episode: Well-Placed Travels with Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker and Monica McCarthy in Afar, Ethiopia

Jessica Parker and Monica McCarthy in Afar, Ethiopia

When you get out of the office and into your vacation days, what do you want to do?
— Jessica Parker

In this Happier After Hours Bonus Episode you’ll learn about travel through the lens of the destination with travel public relations consultant Jessica Parker. How does a place become a “brand” and how to get to the essence of a destination? This is a follow up episode to #031 with travel writer David Farley about travel and transformation and the lessons of philosopher George Santayana. #thehappierhour


#031 The Road Less Travelled With Santayana and David Farley

Jessica Parker, Travel Public Relations Consultant

  • Website: Tripwhisperer

  • Social Media: @TripWhisperer

Connie Hum of Connvoyage

Jessica Parker and Monica McCarthy in Ethopia:


Jessica Parker is a public relations and marketing expert, specializing in travel and hospitality.  Over the course of her 10 years in New York City, she has worked for top brands such as Singapore Airlines, Expedia, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, IHG, and Hilton Luxury Brands.  She also contributed to the successful launch of Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Following her PR agency time, she worked in-house for a few boutique hotels in NYC as a director of marketing before going off on her own to consult for the last three years for various travel brands and clients. 

She has built an amazing media and industry network, and now heads up the largest travel community group in NYC called Travel Massive NYC. Travel Massive provides unique branding events (often sold out!) by and for the travel industry. Leveraging her rolodex and passion for promoting travel, she most recently joined the team at TravelCon to put on one of the largest digital travel media conferences in North America. 

In her travels, Jessica has visited more than 50 countries, 46 states, and now spits her time on the East Coast and Lebanon with her boyfriend. She works wherever her laptop and WiFI are available. 

Visit her at www.tripwhisperer.nyc or @TripWhisperer on social media. 

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