#026 The Third Way With Émilie Du Châtelet and Amber Baldet

Amber and Monica at Caveat. Photography by Shot by Rod. Live illustrations by Visuals For Change

Amber and Monica at Caveat. Photography by Shot by Rod. Live illustrations by Visuals For Change

Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers.
— Émilie Du Châtelet

What does it mean to be creative? In this episode you’ll hear what Blockchain expert Amber Baldet can teach us about authenticity, corporations, and challenging assumptions. You’ll also learn what Amber has in common with the 18th century French philosopher Émilie du Châtelet and why most of us are thinking about creativity wrong. #thehappierhour


How Should We Live? Great Ideas From The Past For Everyday Life by Roman Krznaric

Passionate Minds: Emilie du Chatelet, Voltaire, and the Great Love Affair of the Enlightenment

CoinDesk’s Most Influential In Blockchain in 2017

Clovyr: Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to the blockchain domain. More than just a development framework, Clovyr is an ecosystem of applications and services that empowers teams of all sizes to experiment, iterate, and grow products to production much faster than before.
The Baroque Cycle: Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World

Principle Of Sufficient Reason (POSR)  (There is a reason for everything to be the way it is, rather than otherwise)

Consider a problem in your own life. What are the assumptions you have around that problem and how can you test to see if those assumptions are true?


"Amber is like a Madonna of blockchain.”

Amber led J.P. Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence since its inception in 2015, recently leaving to launch a soon-to-be-announced venture. Considered a leading voice on the practical application of blockchain technology within the financial industry and beyond, she has spoken at SXSW, Money 20/20, MIT, Wharton, Harvard Business School, and many other venues. Appearing on 2017’s Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business and CoinDesk’s 10 Most Influential in Blockchain, Amber “handily bridges the divide between the Wall Street and crypto sets.”