#008 Your Love Blueprint and Sigmund Freud with Terri Cole

No one who disdains the key will ever be able to unlock the door.
— Sigmund Freud

In this episode of The Happier Hour we'll hear from psychotherapist Terri Cole about how Freud and the unconscious mind can help us navigate the murky feelings of LOVE.  Whether calming the monkey mind with meditation, unearthing our unconscious mind with psychotherapy, or trying to not go out our minds with dating in in the age of the app, this episode focuses on the cycle of unhealthy relationships. #thehappierhour


The tale of Oedipus in Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus Rex

Psychotherapy and Sigmund Freud (check out this video from The School of Life)

"What if fear were just a feeling?" Terri Cole at TEDxHoboken

Terri Cole's Love Blueprint

History of Romanticism [Abridged] via How Should We Live? 

Mindfulness, Meditation and Psychotherapy

  • Meditating 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening
  • How would your life change if you got two seconds more for response time?

Books by Sigmund Freud:

The Interpretation of Dreams

The Ego And The Id

Terri Cole Resources:





Who does this person remind me of? Where have I felt like this before? Why is this familiar?


Terri Cole is a New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp, her two female empowerment courses reaching women in over 25 countries.

For two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, Broadway performers and TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs. She empowers over one hundred thousand women weekly through her published articles and blog posts, therapeutic meditations, online courses, and her popular Hello Freedom podcast. Terri's strategies combine practical psychology, eastern mindfulness practices plus harnessing the power of intention to create sustainable positive behavioral change i.e. true transformation. She has been featured as an expert therapist and master life coach on A&E’s Monster In-Laws, TED X, The Lisa Oz Show, Real Housewives and had a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio. Plus she regularly writes for The Huffington Post, Positively Positive, The Daily Love, Well+Good, and has been featured in Italian Elle, Forbes, Origin, Vogue, Self and most recently was on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine. 

Terri Cole, live illustrations by Visuals For Change, Photography by Shot By Rod

Terri Cole, live illustrations by Visuals For Change, Photography by Shot By Rod

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